Cigarettes & Alcohol

Every little helps. Or so they say. But apparently not if you wanted to buy some booze before (or after) the jinxed Oasis concert at Heaton Park. Not a worry for those of us who took advantage of local hostelries to get our fix, but a lot of punters were given a nasty shock by Prestwich Tesco’s limit of one alcohol purchase per customer. As one said: “What’s the facking point of Tesco if they won’t let you get steamed up?”


RedNev said…
I think in that situation, my one alcohol purchase would have been a bottle of malt.
Can't you just get pished up in a local pub before the show? What about just trucking in a bunch of booze you bought somewhere else? Someone should've went to Calais and bought a bunch of cans and then sold 'em in the car park for 2 quid.

Just for the record, I do like a bit of British rock n' roll.
Paul Bailey said…
I couldn't believe that. After enlarging the poster and seeing that for a four day period Tesco customers were rstricted to just one tin of alcohol each " in order to maintain customer service levels". How Orwellian is that?

Did the same sort of restrictions apply to customers wanting to purchase other items? Presumably people going to the gig might have wanted to take sandwiches or bottles of water? I've never heard of anything so ridiculous as this. Were Tesco's following their own company policy, or did someone lean on them? No prizes for guessing who might have done such a thing!

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