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Monday, 15 June 2009

I Do It My Way (Oldham Council Anthem)

Talking of Wetherspoons, I was disappointed to see that they were the first to cave in to Oldham Council’s moral blackmail. The council had, in an incredibly overzealous and probably illegally move, threatened to review the licences of all 22 town centre venues. Sadly, JDW became the first operator to “voluntarily” agree to new restrictions. They have now been followed by several others who have simply caved in under the pressure. Thankfully it appears there are still some who are willing to take on the licensing Gauleiters of Oldham and have their day in court.


Curmudgeon said...

What new restrictions have Wetherspoons agreed to, as a matter of interest?

Tyson said...

Apparently the exact terms vary with each venue. I've not exactly sure what Wetherspoons conditions are, apart from agreeing to do a "risk assessment" of any possible promotion. Whatever that means.