Money Money Money Must Be Funny

Oh dear-it appears that David Chaytor, currently MP for Bury North, really does deserve his local nickname of “David Cheater”. There doesn’t seem any other way to interpret the latest revelations about his expenditure claims other than plain and simple fraud.

Claiming almost £5000 for work allegedly done by your daughter could be dismissed as just plain cheeky, but when you register her under an alias, people are bound to be suspicious. Where he really seems to have come unstuck is claiming for work allegedly done by local people. Top tip, Dave, if you are going to claim for imaginary work, use imaginary people. Not real individuals who can be found by the press.

Step forward Joe Stalin. Now Joe is well known in the local hostelries and is indeed an IT guy. And he knows Mr Chaytor. However, what he doesn’t know is where the invoices furnished by Mr C in support of £1950 worth of supposed IT work came from. He didn’t do any work for Chaytor and certainly didn’t get paid for it. And, knowing Joe as I do, if he says those invoices aren’t his, they ain’t. Mr Chaytor says he is “investigating”. Either that or booking a flight to a country without an extradition agreement...


Anonymous said…
what a two faced shit
Tandleman said…
I was sent the piece about Joe. He must be a disillusioned guy. Can't wait to hear his tale and thoughts.
Tyson said…
Yes, Joe is quite the local celebrity now-I expect to see him on the talk show circuit shortly.

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