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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Not So Good Pub Guide

I’ve been road-testing the new Good Pub Guide website. It’s now up and running and officially open to the public. Unfortunately, the content is still rubbish. It’s ok not having the resources to do a comprehensive job but what you do cover should at least be accurate. Either you’re a select site covering a certain genre of pub or you go a bit broader, but still only covering those you can personally review or guarantee fit your criteria. The other route is to be a general public review site such as Beerintheevening with all the benefits and cons that such an unedited approach brings.

The problem seems to be that the GPG seems to be going along the second option but with a bit of its own input thrown in. And that input doesn’t seem to be very good. Take that metropolis of beer, Bury. The GPG lists 87 entries for Lancashire’s finest but you’d be better off looking in Thomson Local. Some pubs have wrong addresses, some aren’t even in Bury, the Gamecock is listed twice and one isn’t and never has been a pub. Where is all this duff info coming from? It doesn’t exactly inspire me to rush out and buy a hard copy of the guide.

And don’t tell Tandleman, but Middleton doesn’t seem to exist at all. Mind you, I’ve suspected that for some time...


sean said...

Hopeless as any sort of guide to finding a pub.I would have thought they would have sorted all the problems out before launching.

Tandleman said...

Rochdale, while it exists at least, isn't exactly a beer Mecca either!

TIW said...

The 'Olley Public House' in Leytonstone gets three out of five, which ain't bad for a pub that's been called The Bell for at least a hundred years.

Paul Garrard said...

Hmm, just looked at Norwich and it is a bit lean. My local gets a mention but only as a lucky dip.

RedNev said...

I checked for the Berkeley in Southport and it's listed, even though it closed down around three years ago and is now flats.