One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

They’re picking on poor old Oldham again. As if people there haven’t got enough problems, what with having to actually live there. Now they’re about to be condemned by not one, but two, reports. Yes, “health experts” (my emphasis) were called in by town hall chiefs and, according to the local media, their conclusions will “rock Oldham” when presented to the council. Ooh er missus.

Since they proclaim to expose Oldham’s “booze shame”, we’d better have ganders. Apparently there are more “harmful” and “hazardous” drinkers in Oldham than anywhere apart from the Moon. But what the Jimmy Cricketty do these terms mean? Well, some 23% of drinkers are classed as “hazardous” by virtue of drinking more than the government’s recommended weekly total. Ah those meaningless totals again-actually not hazardous by any means.

But what about the 7% of “harmful” drinkers? They’re putting away 50 units or so. So about 21 pints of Robinsons’ Unicorn. In a week. Now I’m glad to see that they’re making an effort, but really. It’s no more than a normal weekend in Bury and you’ve still got all week to play with. Still, the national average is only 5% so they can walk with heads high. I do agree, though, that Oldham needs an alcohol csar to deal with these figures. After all, drinkers can become complacent and if they’re not careful, those crazy Lees drinking Middletonians will overtake them.


RedNev said…
Where do they advertise these jobs dedicated to controlling people's lives? Let's find out and all apply.
Tandleman said…
This will be the same council that turned Oldham Town Centre into one long bar and a no go area for anyone over 30, with multi 2 a.m licences well BEFORE the "relaxed" drinking laws came in.

If these morons told me it was raining, I'd ask them to step outside to check if they came back wet, before I'd believe a word they say.

Cheeky devils.
Woolpack Dave said…
I'm not sure if I'm harmful or hazardous, possibly both, were Ann to be consulted on the subject.
sean said…
The notion of thses units being hamrful or hazardous is a joke.These so called experts need to get out in the real world.
Curmudgeon said…
Yes, typical really, local authorities promote the "vibrant night-time economy" (which always seemed to me like a recipe for trouble) and then, when it blows up in their faces, try to stamp it out.

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