Summer Wind

You can tell it’s a slow news day when the press start taking an interest in the culinary attitudes of the Royal Navy. The Daily Telegraph has an interesting (?) story about HMS Bulwark. Having caught wind of a rumour that fried food had been banned from the ship, they made enquiries of the ship’s captain. And that’s when the sprouts hit the fan.

Captain Keble flatly denied that he had banned fried food BUT did reveal that he had initiated a ban on Brussels sprouts. “They are the devil's vegetable and the only thing I do not like, and the only thing I hate,” he was quoted as saying. This caused something of a flap at the MoD, where a spokesman was quick to point out that the ban only applied to the captain’s table. However, everyone knows that at sea, the captain’s word is law and a ship-based source confirmed that the ban was indeed total.

In my opinion, Captain Keble is to be commended for his stance on this most loathsome of vegetables. Healthy it may be, but user friendly it isn’t-either during cooking or afterwards. Do 390 men living in cramped conditions, far out at sea, really need the smell of pungent sulphur wafting below decks. I think not.


Tandleman said…
Don't you mean "even more smell of sulphur?"
Tyson said…
Maybe, I don't know-I've never been below decks.

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