Vote For Me And I'll Set You Free

Well the seemingly never ending saga of rising Daily Telegraph circulation figures, I mean MPs’ expenses, has finally had a positive result. Anti-liberty and Cabinet jester, Jacqui Smith, is set to quit as Home Secretary. Hooray, we can finally sleep a little easier in our beds. Although, any celebrations may prove premature, what with the track record of recent post holders.

Sadly, it’s also claimed the career of local MP David Chaytor. Despite me not winning him over completely to the pro alcohol school of thought, I generally found him open to discussion and certainly his intelligent approach was a welcome change. The worry is who we will get instead.

The problem is that Bury has been badly served by MPs in the past-actually half of it still is, in the shape of Bury South MP and sex text pest, Ivan Lewis. However, even he pales into insignificance when compared to Alistair Burt, who was Bury North MP for a depressing 14 years. A grammar school swot, his attitude to constituents was basically you oiks better do as your betters tell you. They used to say he always walked round with a torch in his hand-because he was so far up John Major’s arse.

Anyway, it’s the eve of the European elections and there are plenty of choices. From the moribund, to the mediocre, to the frankly bonkers-UKIP wanting pounds and shillings back. And then there’s Francis Apaloo. Who, you may well ask-well I did. Francis Apaloo is standing as an independent, but he doesn’t seem too big on electoral literature. Possibly because it transpires that he is in fact Dr Francis Apaloo, who’s CV is a bit shaky, to say the least. Where’s the Monster Raving Looney Party when you need them?


roy said…
Jacqui Smith has been the worst HS ever.It beggars belief that she is even standing as an MP again.Get rid of the miserable cow now.
THE SD said…
Think she must have heard you, Roy.

Apaloo is part of the Christian Right.

I can't decide which of the socialists to vote for. Maybe Green is best.

Where's the REAL party

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