Wanna Be Startin' Something

Well there I was enjoying a quiet drink when suddenly everything went crazy. Everyone was reaching for their phone and Twitter was in meltdown. Something was up. I feared the worst-was this another terrorist outrage? Or even worse, had the world’s hop crop failed? No, the king of pop, Michael Jackson had died. He certainly was a “star” on the global scale and we’ll never see records sold in the quantities that he shifted. Even if he did sing a love song about a rat. So what if he had a private menagerie at his mansion and solid gold taps in the bathroom. After all we’ve all seen Tandleman Towers...

Meanwhile, MALT is now fully operational. Daleside Blonde, Thwaites Bomber, Otter and Outstanding OSB are currently available. In the main bar of Automatic, Bomber and Otter have joined Outstanding Blond. Celebrities such as Lisa Riley, Abi Titmuss and Julie Buckfield-remember her from Grange Hill?-have already paid a visit. Apparently, Abi Titmuss was particularly disappointed to have just missed me. Next time, Abi. Next time.


Call me a perv, but it's Lisa Riley that floats my boat
camragirl said…
Is it true that El Greco paintings adorn the walls of Tandleman Towers?
Tyson said…

Only in the East wing.
RedNev said…
I switched on News 24 and heard the newsreader saying, "We'll be bringing you reactions to the death of Michael Jackson from across the world." Good to see BBC fingers on the pulse of the big issues of the day.

Sorry, Tyson, but you're wrong: the East Wing has a load of Pollocks; the El Grecos are in the West Wing.
Tandleman said…
No the East wing has a load of pillocks, with the wax doll of Whorst in pride of place.

I'm actually a big fan of El Greco, so well anticipated camragirl.
Tyson said…
Ah I'd knew you'd be along eventually, TM. I don't know about you but I'm always getting confused bewteen the West wing amd the garden shed:)

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