Who Loves Ya, Baby

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee and lover of silk cushions, is at it again. He obviously loves his job and seems to think people should listen to him. Understandably then, he got a little cross with the Government when they decided against his committee’s recommendation on minimum alcohol pricing.

In the follow-up debate at Westminster, perhaps not surprisingly, he attacked the Home Office for not following through with minimum pricing. Rather oddly, I thought, he threw in the fact that Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer, was also in favour. As if that added weight to his argument. Keith, you’re supposed to be concerned with law & order. What the dotty doc has to say on the matter is irrelevant (or should be) as far as the Home Office is concerned. If we’re going to bring in just anyone with opinions on the matter, I’ll start quoting Coco the Clown-hold on, he already has.


RedNev said…
As the law & order arguments about drinking are flawed, he probably felt he had to prop them up with dodgy medical 'evidence'. As if you can make a silk purse out of two sows' ears...

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