Any Old Iron

I just knew it was going to be one of those days. Initially it did look promising-go and review a nice tearoom-Cafe Tor-in Helmshore. However, I was soon discombobulated. I was actually going past that and heading out to Holden Wood Antiques in Haslingden. They have a tearoom attached to the antiques centre.

The antiques (and tearoom) are interestingly housed in a listed former church. Turns out the antiques are a mix of the genuine-a very early Victorian rosewood wardrobe, for example and some cheap repro tat, presumably for the tourists who use the area as a base for exploring the North West.

The tearoom was clean and airy and service was good. I was less pleased with the actual food. Although the usual staples were on offer, I noted that, like several cafes nowadays, they were offering that pub great-the Ploughman’s. Curiosity got the better of me, even though I know that these places seldom get it right. And so it proved here. They’d prettified it. The plate was awash with salad accompanied by baby tomatoes, sliced cucumber and a diced apple. There were three slabs of cheese but only one small bread bun which promptly fell to pieces when I attempted to spread the frozen butter. And the cappuccino was the smallest I’ve seen. Eddie does assure me that the breakfasts are very good, however.


Curmudgeon said…
That's often the problem with a Ploughman's - far too much salad and not enough bread (or indeed sometimes cheese).

I find the Brunning & Price chain generally do a pretty good job of it - had a good one recently in the Sutton Hall near Macclesfield.
RedNev said…
I remember a cartoon in which a man was complaining about his meal in a pub, only to be told, "All the ploughmen around here eat beans on toast."

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