The Bhurtpore Inn

The Bhurtpore Inn at Aston is a famous hostelry tucked away in the depths of Cheshire. A classic, large multi-roomer, it has some outstanding original features and an excellent beer garden. It holds two beer festivals a year and the reason for my visit was the fourteenth summer fest. It had been some time since my last visit and I was interested to note any changes.

Having made sure the WHB had taken his travel sickness pills and was packing his hot water bottle (we were taking him outside of his comfort zone) we boarded the train to Wrenbury, which is the nearest station to Aston. During festival time, arrangements are made for certain trains to stop at this usually deserted station, thereby saving a change at Crewe.

A leisurely walk takes you from the station to the pub, although there are various short cuts-some shorter than others. The beer festival consisted of a selection on handpull on the main bar and a selection on gravity at a back bar. Now usually I’d start on the handpulled stuff and avoid the dreaded gravity dispense. However, initially at least, the selection on the main bar was strong and or dark, so gravity it was.

Birmingham BMA and Backyard Shire Oak were very average beers. Blue Monkey Evolution was much better but the standout was Mallinsons Nelson Sauvin. This 3.7% golden ale was packed full of hops and a lesson to those who think only stronger beers can carry a lot of flavour.

Back on the main bar, the beers were turning round quickly now-it was a good job we’d partaken of the excellent grub on offer. Summer Wine Galleon was followed by another tasty Mallinsons-Alestock, which was light and fruity. Also worth more than one was Phoenix Cotton Banker. However, time and Arriva Trains Wales wait for no man and so eventually we found ourselves back in Manchester.

Considering it was the 4th of July, it would have been rude not to celebrate, so a visit to Piccadilly Wetherspoons was in order. Uncle Sam’s Independence Ale was light and very easy drinking for a 4.7%. There were certainly some interesting characters in there-notably Jackie Chan (yes, that was his name) who was drinking Guinness with a red wine chaser.

Back in Bury it was time to meet up for a late night drink with Pineapple Pete in Automatic and after being thrown out of there, it was curry and taxi-in that order.


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