Don't Look Back In Anger

Well the second anniversary of the Smoking Ban has been and gone. Despite the vociferous protestations of the pro-smokers, the Earth hasn’t been struck by meteorites and strangely remains on its axis. There’s a very sensible piece by Hamish Champ in the Publican that says it all, really.

However, there’s always the danger of the enemy within. In these days of pub closures and increasing pressure on the licensed trade, it’s more important than ever to have a united front. So it’s sad to see the (inappropriately titled) Save Our Pubs & Clubs campaign split the support by focusing on a single issue.

It’s always illuminating to see the people behind these groups. Invariably they consist of right-wingers, self interest groups and “libertarian” kooks. And so it appears in this case. With supporters such as tobacco company apologists, Forest, the Adam Smith Institute and Progressive Vision, who needs enemies? And to top it all, one of the world’s most annoying and arrogant (I’ve met him) men-Antony Worrall Thompson-is behind it. Say no more.


sean said…
It's about time this was laid to rest and everyone moved on.Some people are just living in the past.
Paul Garrard said…
Antony Worrall Thompson is a twat and we do need to move on.
ste said…
paul,you took the words right out of my mouth.
Elvis said…
Aren't Forest the ones trying to bring back smoking on planes?

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