Hello Children Everywhere

Fake charity and alcohol Nazis, Alcohol Concern are at it again. Their latest suggestion at ruining Britain’s drinking culture is to stop alcohol adverts being shown on TV before 9pm. The reason? Children are being exposed to horrendous images of booze during programmes such as X-Factor. And shockingly, a supermarket was found to be advertising WINE during Coronation Street. Saints preserve us.

The first thing that head honcho Don Shenker seems to have overlooked is that these programmes are aimed ostensibly at adults. Yes, adults and anyway it could be argued that responsibility for children during these programmes rests with their parents. If they were advertising during Bob the Builder, then he might have a point.

Another point he misses is rather obvious. Kids aren’t supposed to be able to buy the stuff. If a ten year old gets the urge for a bottle of Chablis after watching Corrie, then I expect measures to be in place to ensure the law is being enforced. After all, Chablis is wasted on the under 12s.

Of course what we really need is more alcohol advertising to try and halt the worrying decline in on sales. Let’s see adverts with kiddies in the pub enjoying foaming pints of Bitter or musing over the delights of Duvel. You know it makes sense.


Woolpack Dave said…
Coronation Street viewers being persuaded to drink wine? Whatever next?
Curmudgeon said…
And of course this restriction, which may seem reasonable to many, won't lead on to further curbs on alcohol advertising and promotion.

Because banning TV advertising of cigarettes really stopped there, didn't it?

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