It's The Same Old Song

A group of MPs on the Commons Public Committee had published a report entitled Reducing Alcohol Harm and were questioning whether the government’s guidelines were “fit for purpose”. It looked for a brief moment that common sense had prevailed. But no sooner had I donned my party hat and put “Hallelujah” on the hi-fi-Leonard Cohen version, naturally-than reality bit me in the Alistair Darling.

What of course they were actually getting at was that they wanted more stringent action. Such as compulsory unit labelling of drinks and much clearer advice to the public. Because, apparently, there is “a widespread and longstanding lack of clarity in the minds of the public over how many units it is safe to drink”.

I don’t know, it’s as if these public purse-spongers don’t read this blog. The only lack of clarity is in the fuddled minds of anyone who continues to peddle the discredited notion of drink units. They’re more fitted to the works of Enid Blyton, rather than government policy. Laughably these booze guardians also claim that alcohol has become 69% more affordable since 1980. Well beer certainly hasn’t and even if alcohol has as a whole, then so what? Is this supposed to be bad?

Naturally this latest report has got the usual puritanical/nutters howling at the moon and banging on about minimum pricing-again. This is something the Welsh Assembly seems keen on. Yes, there are nutters all over this here green and pleasant land.

Seems the WA isn’t happy with Westminster’s attitude to having fun and want measures introduced to curtail it. These include banning happy hours (yawn) and a ban on alcohol advertising. Who votes for these weirdoes? If Westminster fails to deliver the goods, then they may seek greater powers for themselves. Which sounds to me like the perfect riposte to any notion of devolution that the cottage-burning brigade might have.


Curmudgeon said…
No doubt a lot of the Taffs yearn for the old days when Wales was shut on Sundays.
NAM said…
May I humbly propose that we protect our MPs from the harm caused by the demon drink by closing the bars in Westminster and disallowing expense claims for booze?

You can't imagine how worried I am about MPs' health. This would be a great comfort to me.
Paul Garrard said…
I would genuinely welcome some guidance on alcohol intake if it was from thorough in-depth non-partisan research. The trouble is that there is so much conflicting bollocks around at the moment and most of it through ‘official’ channels that you don’t know where you are. I stick to ‘all things in moderation’ which seems like the best approach to me!
Anonymous said…
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