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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Radio Ga Ga

I see public busybodies the Advertising Standards Agency have been at it again. This time the victim of their killjoy mentality was Mattesons sausages. These seemingly harmless objects certainly got (a very small) number of people hot under the BBQ and ensured a ruling by the ASA.

The problem lay in a number of radio adverts in which listeners were asked where they would like to “stick it”. Frankie Howerd would have been proud. However, not everyone was amused, as , (gasp) wee bairns could be listening. 21, yes all of 21, very sad people actually complained that the innuendo made the ad offensive. Personally, with only 21 complaints out of thousands of listeners, I would have told them where they could “stick it”. But instead of laughing their socks off, the ASA loves nothing better than to pontificate on these matters.

Bizarrely it cleared the ads of being offensive and agreed with the manufacturer that the ads were light hearted. It also agreed that the wee ones would be too, er, wee to make sense of any possible innuendo. And yet the ads were banned from early plays in case older children were listening.

I’m not sure who the ASA are supposed to be protecting here. The “children” who are old enough to be paying attention to the radio and are interested enough to follow the adverts? Haven’t they heard that innuendo is all in the head? If the kiddies are old enough to get the joke, they’re old enough to hear it.

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