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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

There's A Light That Never Goes Out

There were red faces all round when Bury councillors recently voted to scrap their latest barmy money-saving scheme. The Conservative controlled authority had been expected to push forward with plans to switch off 40% of streetlights between midnight and 5.30am. But it was left up to Cllr David Higgin, chief crackpot of the economy, environment and transport scrutiny panel, to do a 3 point turn and pull the plug on the idea.

For, amazingly, councillors found the idea wasn’t too popular with residents. Fears of tripping over, rising crime rates and the fact that that is just the time of night when you really need streetlights were all raised. Indeed, spare a thought for late night beerhounds. We fall into enough ditches on the way home without having to do so relying solely on moonlight.

Some people, including myself, remember when it was all the rage to promise MORE streetlighting, not less. I suspect that idea has gone the same way as tarmac for the backstreets, which was coming in time for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, way back in 1977. I’m still waiting...

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