Bars Without Frontiers

DIY beer service has come to Manchester. I haven’t tried it yet, but customers at new bar Taps will apparently be able to quench their thirst without leaving their table. And it’s all done without a waiter in sight. For, following the success of their first outlet in Leicester, they have launched the first self-service bar in the North West.

The idea is simple. Each table has a number of beer fonts, or “taps”, which the customer uses to self administer their choice of poison. The options are Amstel, Duvel Green, Leifermans Summer Fruits or Vedett White. You settle up when you’re finished and if anyone gets carried away, the taps can be turned off before anyone gets, er, carried away.

It’s based on the bottom floor of the Great Northern Tower apartment complex on Watson St. That’s the posh end of the Great Northern development and upstairs houses Epernay (where I have had a flute or two) the very sleek champagne bar.

The owners obviously think Belgium is the way to go, as they’re keeping it as a basis for the food menu as well. Whether it will be enough to drag punters out of the local MacDump, I don’t know. Certainly I was hoping for more on the beer front but will give it a spin out of sheer curiosity


Curmudgeon said…
Hmm, so many questions...

Are these metered drink dispensers?

Do they use oversize glasses?

Could dramatically cut the queues in Spoons, though ;-)
NAM said…
I saw a similar system in use in a (the?) brewpub in Seville. I'm not sure it was very effective as I didn't see anyone use it while I was there. People just used the tables with the fonts as, er, tables.
Paul Bailey said…
A colleague of mine also mentioned the Seville brew-pub, and I also saw this system on a couple of tables at the Beer House in Tallin whlst I was there back in February. I didn't see it being used though!
Alex Jenson said…
how do they monitor what goes out from every pump? Do you have to pay in advance? I'm not that interested really cos I dont drink, it all sounds a bit bizarre, like doing your checkout with a machine.

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