Can The Can

As someone who likes a drink, I have to salute the tenacity and determination of Simon Holden in his simple quest for a can of lager. Not to mention his barefaced cheek.

The jobless 22 year old applied for a shelf- stacking job at an Asda in Colne, Lancashire. However, turns out the lad was better at taking things off the shelf, rather than putting them on. For the manager recognised him from CCTV footage as having stolen four boxes of lager earlier that week. When confronted with this unpalatable truth, Holden did a runner. But not before he managed to grab another two boxes of his favourite tipple on the way out.

Despite being in breach of an earlier suspended sentence for burglary, the judge, obviously sympathetic with a man’s desire for beer, rightly spared him gaol and gave him another suspended term. I believe Mr Holden is now seeking employment with Tesco...


Cooking Lager said…
Kind of impressive he can run with 4 boxes of cooking lager. Olympic hopeful? Or did he nick a trolley too? Either way point him to sport england
Paul Garrard said…
Next year this will be a hanging offence!

Tyson, have you been looking at my record collection?

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