Feast On Wine

Friday saw the start of the Wetherspoons wine festival and Archimedes and the WHB press-ganged me into giving it a go. It was also their first opportunity to see the wonderfully, no-expenses spared, refurbishment of the Robert Peel. Gold chandeliers adorn the ceiling and Georgian furniture now litters the room. Well almost...they did paint the ceiling and clean the carpet. No new furniture, unfortunately, but a rearrangement has improved the ambience.

Obviously it’s never advisable to drink wine on an empty stomach, so we had a couple of pints warm up at the Trackside. Yesterday Warwickshire’s Lady Godiva, apart from having an interesting pumpclip (where have I seen her before?) was pleasant enough with the bitter finish balancing out the initial sweetness. Today, the honey sweetness was more prominent and so I switched to Outstanding Piston Broke.

Having slated our thirst, we continued onto the Robert Peel. The previous night, Phoenix Midsummer Madness had been in very good form and had sold out quickly. There wasn’t anything as exciting on Friday, with Goose Eye No Eye Deer being decidedly average. Son it was time to crack open a bottle or two.

First up was Tryst Cabernet Tempranillo Zinfandel. This Australian red was described as being mellow but was far from it. It did have plum and spices in it-ok if you like that sort of thing. The South African Goats Do Roam Rose 2009 boasted that it was full of strawberries but fell short of the standard set by the Californian trend setters.

The Montana Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2008 is well known as a classic and certainly lived up to its reputation. Even better, was my old friend the Villa Maria Pinot Grigio, which was beautifully crisp and refreshing. I would have gladly stayed for another bottle, but the WHB and Archimedes were late for their pole dancing class, so reluctantly I headed for pastures new.


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