Friday Frolics

Friday saw a lunchtime session at the Crescent in Salford. The pub’s still not the greatest but their beer festival was a good opportunity to put it through its paces. Beer from the pumps was ok but the stuff coming straight from the cellar wasn’t in the best condition.

Of the beers sampled, Goose Eye’s Puddle Duck & Turkey’s Revenge weren’t bad, but the best was Mallinsons Hazy Shade of Summer which delivered their usual hop bite, despite being only 3.9%. Atlas Three Sisters was unpleasantly phenolic, but was nothing in comparison to Bollington Chilli Nights. This was a 3.9% little brew but was fatally unbalanced. It was as if someone had dropped a box of chillies into a glass of dark, thin beer. An ok flavour for a curry but it was horribly astringent and the opposite of moreish.

Talking of moreish, The New Oxford gave me another (and some their first) chance to try Phoenix’s Strawberry Beer. It was agreed that this is much better than Fruli; avoiding the sickly sweetness that ruins that beer. This is deceptively drinkable (did anyone say proper real keg?) but they do have one problem with it-it’s quite thick and keeps blocking the lines. This gives the impression they have run out of it, when they haven’t.

Back in Bury, the Robert Peel delivered up not one, but two, decent Acorn beers-Woodstock and Aurora IPA. A final hurrah at the Trackside meant Jever and that old reliable, Cheddar Valley.


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