Going LocAle In Acapulco Bury

JDW’s Robert Peel in Bury are hosting their first ever LocAle beer festival. Which means, until Sunday, you have the rare opportunity to sample the full range of Outstanding beers. But pay heed to your Uncle Tyson. Yes, Standing Out is very hoppy and dangerously moreish. But it is 5.5%. Before you start your session, ask yourself one question: do I really need a gallon of it? Conclusive testing says no. Particularly when your aperitif was Acorn's (rather tasty itself) 5% Admiral IPA...


Woolpack Dave said…
A gallon at 5.5%? Wow.
Penny said…
Are we to take it then, Monsieur Tyson, that you regret Wednesday's excesses?
Darren T said…
Every Outstanding beer I've tried so far really has lived up to the label. Outstanding Stout, Outstanding Blonde, Outstanding Pushing Out, and the one they brew especially for the Trackside... name escapes me, but it's a hop-bomb and damn tasty with it - all absolutely delicious.
Tyson said…
I don't recommend it, to be honest.

Well, I didn't fancy a beer when I woke up, put it like that.

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