Haircut 100 20000

As we discovered on Saturday, if there’s one thing that Tandleman is willing to wipe the dust off his wallet’s padlock for, it’s his thatch. However, even he might think twice about splashing his doubloons on the crimping service offered by Stuart Phillips. For Mr Phillips is offering his clients the world’s most expensive haircut.

Based in Covent Garden, a cut and blow dry will set you back £20,000. However, you get a discount if you bring a friend, so Tandleman’s lovely lass could get her bonney done for only £8000. For these prices, you get a 40 minute consultation, posh nosh, a massage and free champagne. Personally, for those prices, I’d expect Scarlett Johansson to be delivering the massage, free real ale and 500 bottles of Brewdog Tokyo to take away.


Penny said…
So, how much does Tandleman spend on a haircut?
From pictures, I always thought he had a good haircut. My guess is he spends more than a tenner. During the war, I never mentioned anything about his hair. It was purely cask breathers, his teeth, dermoplasty, glassing, right wing politics, his overall rage, etc. Face it, the guy has good hair.
Tyson said…

I cannot break the sanctity of the confessional. Suffice it to say, it is more than Eddie's tweed underpants cost. Looking that good does not come cheap.
Woolpack Dave said…
There is no way anybody could justify £20,000 on cutting my hair - I'd expect a full transplant for that.
Tandleman said…
My hair is still there. That's good enoughh for me. And one thing Wurst my politics are decidedly left wing.

Auf wiedersehn
Tyson said…
You heard it here first, folks. Tandleman, live all the way from Germany. You gotta love the internet.
Ale Fan said…
Fantastic day!

I've no idea who Scarlett Johansson is but for that sort of money the very least I'd expect is Valerie Singleton to sit on my face.

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