It's Cider. Jim, But Not As We Know It

A cider festival at the Knowsley? The Knowsley? The rapidly getting-grubbier Greene King pub opposite the bus station? Yes, my source was insistent, that was the case and there were posters up to prove it. Feeling like Bernstein and Woodward must have done on the trail of an unbelievable story, I duly went and investigated.

Of course it was too good to be true. There is indeed a cider festival taking place, but (1) it’s taking place across a range of their pubs and (2) it’s not a festival as I’d recognise the term. For it mainly consists of the usual suspects-Magners, Strongbow and Kopparberg which are available anyway. They’ve thrown in some Aspalls as well, but really, a couple of bottles of cider-even at sale prices-does not a festival make.


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