It's A Numbers Game

One rather clever Camra member has forced the Advertising Standards Authority to withdraw an advert for the Axe The Tax campaign. The advert, which featured prominently in Camra’s newsletter What’s Brewing, claimed that “the Chancellor takes 33% of a pint of beer”.

However, this figure of 33% is wholly inaccurate and so the advert, in its current form, has been banned as misleading. The rather amusing fact is that 33% is actually too LOW a figure. As the ASA points out, this only represents alcohol duty plus VAT. Factor in other tax burdens that the beer industry pays and the real figure is 39%. A more accurate (but more depressing!) version of the ad will be launched shortly.


Woolpack Dave said…
The cost of administering a complicated tax system is also a big issue. Too many stealth taxes.

I'd say even 39% is low when you add up employers NI, income tax, business rates etc..
Tyson said…

That figure is supposed to take into account all those variables but, presumably, will just be an average.

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