Let's All Go Down The Strand

Some light relief for the weekend. Greene King are launching a new beer to encourage drinkers to frequent their London pubs. Royal London will be 4% and is described as “rich and fruity”. Or, to the less gullible, tasting like Greene King.

According to GK: “A beer dedicated to London is of course a great pull for the city’s many tourists and visitors here on business. Britain’s cask beer is renowned the world over - it’s the jewel in London’s crown that everyone wants to experience.” Cask ale might be the jewel in London’s crown, but is GK that jewel?

I mean, who in their right mind would come to London and drink solely/mainly Greene King beers? Plenty hope GK, as they are using the launch to promote their new Capital Cask Ale Trail. Participants will get a stamp every time they buy a GK beer and will count towards a lovely GK t-shirt. Sounds like beer torture to me. We do have a Northern equivalent, though; it’s called the JW Lees passport scheme.

Live long and prosper. I’m off for some sub 5% Outstanding beers.


Penny said…
I would have hoped that Greene King would have come up with something more innovative than simply more of the same. London does not need any more brown beer. Nor does it need so many Greene King pubs. I can't think of any of theirs worth visiting.
Anonymous said…
All this talk about flat beer in
glorified cafes, do real Englishmen still drink in so
called pubs. Dont think so.

Rebel without a pub
Boak said…
I dunno - I think this is canny marketing by them. Most of their London pubs are in prime tourist locations and are mostly frequented by visitors wanting to sample a typical English pub, including a "typical bitter".

Breaks my heart to see people have a few sips of stale, tasteless GK and decide that British beer isn't for them.

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