Me And You And A Beer Named Dog

Some innovations in beer just pass you by. So it was with dog beer. Yes, beer for dogs. Although apparently it’s been available for awhile now, there’s now a big marketing push to cash in on the “hot” summer. Hmmm.

According to Amy Laura Hepworth, marketing manager for Beaphar, “Dogs can become even more of the family as they enjoy a beer too.” I can’t argue with that.

Six 33cl bottles of Dog Beer can be yours for £11.70. It’s brewed with hops and barley but “with the alcohol and gas taken out, and a little meaty flavouring is added for ultimate palatability.” That explains why none of my doggie friends have mentioned it before-beer without alcohol isn’t really beer, is it?


Curmudgeon said…
What dog with any sense would drink alcohol-free beer? After all, they're not allowed to drive cars...

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