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Monday, 10 August 2009

Never Mind The Gingko Biloba

During my recent weekend sojourn with Eddie, the eager, legal beagle, we sampled many of the delights that London had to offer. One thing that we apparently did miss out on was Sex Pistols ice cream.

This is the first offering by Icecreamists, who are part of the Selfridges store and where the ice cream is exclusively on sale. The green and white dessert contains natural stimulants such as ginkgo biloba, arginine and guarana and comes with a shot of La Fee Absinthe poured over the top.

The makers claim that it enhances blood flow and increases energy levels and the results are so electric that customers are limited to just one serving per person. For £11.99 a pop, it better had.


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Tandleman said...

I guess you won't be invited for beer though?

Bailey said...

Did you make it to Cask in Pimlico in the end...? Very interested to know what you made of it if so.

Tyson said...


Yes. And excellent it was too. Full report to follow.

"Eddie Rowles" said...

We also made the mistake of believing the opening hours of the Charles Dickens - still not been there but that's their loss.

As for pie and mash, Manzes on Tower Bridge Road may be a famous old-school p&m shop but their fare is extremely average (and I say this having tried quite a few places in the past year). The best stuff I've tasted is on my manor (E6) but we've no decent boozers.

Check out http://www.pie-n-mash.com/ for useful information.

"Eddie Rowles" said...

Bolloxs - wrong set of comments!!