One For The Ladies

Women in Manchester are set to become the latest guinea pigs in the battle to corner the “femALE” drinks market. It’s Carlsberg’s turn to launch a beer aimed squarely at the ladies. So, for the next 12 weeks, a number of bars will be trialling Eve, a 3.1% lightly sparkling beer that is described as being somewhere between a lager and am RTD (ready to drink) product. It will be available in two flavours, passion fruit or lychee.

Apparently, (yet again), there is a growing demand for these products. Apparently, there is nothing on the market that satisfies the designated demographics parameters. Apparently, what’s required is a light, sophisticated alternative. This 3.1% light, sophisticated alternative is brewed with the finest malt and, er, rice. Sounds a bit like dog beer to me.


Paul said…

So it's not really a beer then is it? Also, why is the beer so weak at 3.1%? They afraid of Alcohol Concern or something?! The mixture sounds disgusting.
Tandleman said…
Call me Cassandra if you like, but it will bomb.
Bailey said…
Bloody awful branding.

And Lychees!? I despair.
Paul Garrard said…
These sort of beers are just so insulting!
Penny said…
These beers are insulting to women. As if we need some "special" kind of drink, when it's simply a case of finding one of the infinite varieties that suits your palate. Obviously they've never heard of golden Belgium ales etc.

And 3.1% is for girls, not women!
Paul said…
Who are golden ales aimed at if not women?
TIW said…
If there's a demand for passion fruit flavour 'beer' I'll eat my scooter.

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