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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Spoonful Of Beer Will Help The Medicine Go Down

All lovers of the grape or the grain know their wondrous abilities. Above and beyond the joyous taste, comes a whole load of miraculous powers: improved dexterity, making us more attractive and, of course, making Frank Skinner seem funny. Now, however, it seems that medical science is finally waking up to the possible benefits of a spoonful of booze.

Yes, in a comprehensive American study, people with alcohol in their bloodstream were found to suffer less severe brain trauma and have a reduced risk of dying. The study followed 38,000 patients over a five year period and demonstrated that some 38% had less trauma and spent less time on a ventilator. Furthermore, the death rate amongst imbibers was only 7.7% as compared to 9.7% in the non-drinking group.

Writing in the Archives of Surgery, Los Angeles based Trauma Surgeon, Dr Ali Salim, has speculated that the alcohol may reduce the inflammatory response of the body to injury. This raises the “intriguing possibility” that administering it to patients with head injuries may aid their recovery. Fantastic. Medicinal booze on the NHS. What would Don Shenker and the rest of the anti-drink fascists make of that?


NAM said...

They'd say that the booze got you injured in the first place.
Interesting journalism: follow a factual piece with knee-jerk opinion.

ryan said...

Almost worth getting admitted for!