That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

There’s nothing worse than a convert for telling people how wonderful their life is and how woeful everyone else’s is. Now it’s comedian Frank Skinner’s turn to wear the zealot’s hat. Frank stopped drinking back in 1986 after waking up in his own vomi-good for him-but he seems to think that everyone else should follow suit.

Mr Skinner has come out strongly in favour of the BMA’s recommendation to ban booze advertising and wants the government to usher in more prohibition measures. For, apparently, people who drink are merely indulging in an “alcohol-induced charade” and need it to appear entertaining. On the other hand, as one journo has wryly pointed out, we actually need it to make some comedians appear more entertaining.

Obviously what this smacks of is “I’ve had my fun and who cares about yours?" His attitude has been likened to that of Van Morrison, another ex-boozer turned miserable old fart. We shouldn’t be surprised as they’re all at it. Politicians who once loved to smoke exotic tobacco and put two fingers up at the law seem to change their tune once in power. My advice to Mr Skinner and his ilk is taken from the Bible: go forth and multiply.


RedNev said…
I know what you actually mean by your final sentence, but they might take it literally. Frank Skinner multiplied? No thanks.
Barm said…
Lots of people who have stopped abusing alcohol the way Skinner did, as well as many who still do, genuinely don't seem to understand that you can enjoy alcohol without getting off your face.
Captain Jack said…
What a twat.
Paul Bailey said…
"That joke isn't funny anymore"; neither is Frank Skinner!
RedNev said…
I've put a link to this posting on my blog ~ hope you don't mind.

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