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Friday, 4 September 2009

Watch The Birdie

The golfing world has been split over the arrival of Eye Candy Caddies on the scene. Some have welcomed them as a breath of fresh air, whilst several golf clubs have already banned them for threatening to bring the game into disrepute. Now it’s true that the girls golfing credentials don’t appear to be their greatest asset but they have apparently all been on a caddy training course and know what “fore” means. That’s good enough for me.

Sarah Stacey, Managing Director of Eye Candy, claims the objectors are simply “discriminating against beautiful people”. I know the problem all too well, believe you me. Anyway, I think people are missing a trick with this one-I’d be hiring one of the golfing lovelies for my opponent, if I was them. After all, what better way to keep their eyes off the green than by to distract them with golfing totty.

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