Water On Glass

A long Bank Holiday break is the perfect time to catch up with those things you never get round to-like finishing War & Peace. But no, the WHB had other plans for my time and so a rare midweek drink in Manchester was on the cards.

Most places were quiet, with people taking an extended break, but surprisingly, unlike us, not choosing to spend their leisure time in the pub. How bizarre. First shelter from the pouring rain was the English Lounge with some good Copper Dragon and a rare appearance from Adnams. However, all the talk was of the new Kebabish Express next door. It’s ruffled a few feathers by offering a curry, chips or naan and a drink for £4. Not to mention panini for £2.

Ducking across the road to the Micro Bar in the Arndale, we found them in some disarray. Two beers had gone and they were busy disentangling the lines. Not easily deterred, we enjoyed a couple of pints of Kuppers Kolsch and people watched as we waited for the rain to ease.

With no sign of any let up, we eventually made a move to the nearby Unicorn. Unfortunately, the Golden Pippin here was poor and we were glad to move on. It was better, but still not good, in the Crown & Kettle.

However, we had saved the best for last at the Marble Arch. Mallinsons single-hopped First Gold was fruity with a pleasing, slightly bitter finish. I also enjoyed Roosters Hedgehog-despite the Camra bore who insisted on telling everyone ordering it that it was a mistake and that it should be called Hedgerow, as it was obviously named after the dwarf variety of hops.


bailey said…
The First Gold pump clip looks like someone has been sick on it.
John Clarke said…
How do you know he / she was a CAMRA bore? Could have been any old bore really.
Tyson said…

He had his colours nailed to his chest-he was wearing a life members's shirt.
John Clarke said…
A life members' shirt? I never knew such a thing existed. You don't think he'd made it himself do you? Joking apart, I really wish people wouldn't do things like that - it gives the rest of us a bad name. And as you know the blogosphere is infested with people just itching to have a pop at CAMRA.
Anonymous said…
Was it Tandleman?
Tandleman said…
I never make such silly comments. Most people with any sense don't. Nor am I a life member.

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