Dance Of The Mad

As we all know, binge drinking is the scourge of modern Britain and something needs to be DONE. Step forward Bury council who are tackling the problem of irresponsible drinking head-on. Cleverly, they are eschewing the obvious routes-targeting problematic venues, education and such like and are taking a more oblique approach.

The council brain boxes have decided to ban people from bringing drinks into council owned venues. This ban includes bottles of water. Something that hasn’t gone down too down well with the various dance classes that use the council facilities. Line dancers, for example, have been told that they must leave their bottled water in the foyer for collection later.

A council spokesman pointed out that there was a difference between types of events. Soft drinks would still be permitted for exercise classes, but purely “social” events such as ballroom, line dancing etc would be subject to the letter of the law. There is a licensing requirement to ensure responsible drinking and if people were allowed to bring their own drinks onto the premises, it would prove impossible to comply with this requirement.

The fact that people have been bringing water to these events for many years is irrelevant. One unhappy punter, Christine Gibbons, complained that: “We have always taken our own water as the room is like a sauna. We are not smuggling in gin or vodka”. Honestly, I don’t know what these people are whinging about. The council very kindly provides a bar where they can buy “a range of soft drinks” and where tap water is available for “a nominal fee”. And personally, I will feel a lot safer walking the streets in the knowledge that I will not be accosted by some tanked up geriatric line dancer. There’s too much of that goes on in Bury as it is.


Tandleman said…
Fucking crazy bastards. And the council isn't far behind!
Penny said…
What a daft notion. If there's a problem, why not just close the bar?
Captain Jack said…
This sounds absolutely ridiculous. What a bumch of tossers.
Larry M said…
This is more of the anti alcohol lobby making life more difficult for the ordinary citizen.
Reanna said…
Very stupid. We bring our own bottles of water to our dance classes, no problem.

I see your story has been picked up by other bloggers, so well done for highlighting it.

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