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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Let's Get It On

You’re never too old for a bit of slap and tickle, but you may need some help. That’s the message from Manchester Council who, in conjunction with the NHS, have produced an illustrated guide to bonking for the over 50s. The Guide To Good Sexual Health for the Over 50s is a handy 47 page booklet with chapters such as “Let’s Talk About Sex” and “Dating Advice”.

People featured include 68-year-old Pam, who writes: `We're more experienced, more mature and more confident and we're able to talk about what we want which makes us better lovers”. Right on, sister.

However, Sarah Kennedy on the Dawn Patrol quipped that by the time you were 50, hopefully you knew what you were doing and Tory MP Ann Widdecombe said: 'I think this guide is an incredible waste of money. If someone hasn't learnt how to have sex by the time they have turned 50 then a booklet is certainly not going to help”.

There have also been some complaints over the £8000 cost of producing the 5000 copies. Personally, I’m all for nookie on the rates but can’t help thinking they’ve missing an obvious companion booklet. I’d like to see the council promoting my as yet unpublished masterpiece-The Joy of Ale: A Guide to Rediscovering Real Ale For The Over 50s. Coming soon to a library near you...


Eddie said...

Yes, especially when you see the success of the booklet "The Joy of Bail" that has recently been distributed around the local robing chambers.

Darren T said...

Blimey. £8k on encouraging the over-50s to have more sex? Bet the council tax payers of Manchester are glad their contributions aren't being spent on anything frivolous, what with there being a recession on, like.

They'll be handing out free blue pills down the bingo next, I'll bet.

Wilf in the vault said...

Sex for the over-50s? Chance would be a fine thing! I'm off down the pub to drown my sorrows. After that I won't be able to get it up anyway.

RedNev said...

I was in the Crown in Liverpool on Sunday drinking a pint of real ale; most other customers were in the 50s-60s age range, and all were drinking lager. Publishing "The Joy of Ale: A Guide to Rediscovering Real Ale For The Over 50s" will be an essential public service.

RedNev said...

I also meant to say I'd like a signed copy.

Penny said...

Hey I'll take help anywhere I can get it:)