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Monday, 12 October 2009

Nancy Whisky

I knew it was going to be one of those weekends. It usually is. After last weekend’s drink till you burst wine tasting at Urbis, I was looking forward to a quiet one curled up with Wolf Hall. Naturally it was not to be as Eddie, the eager, legal beagle had other ideas.

Friday saw me join him and the Manx Minx at the Met for the cultural phenomena that is the Lancashire Hotpots. Obviously a few drinks were required pre show and, thanks to MALT being downstairs, actually during the very enjoyable 90 minutes top notch entertainment. Indeed Eddie was so overcome by the emotional impact of Shopmobility Scooter that he was seen dabbing his tears with his tweed handkerchief.

Of course post show drinks were called for. Time flew as did the Jever and then with the witching hour come and gone and the Trackside closing its doors, Eddie and Minx disappeared for a pizza. I decided to call at the Towler for a Golden Pippin nightcap and discovered there was free beer to be had. Well it would have been rude to leave too early and so, out of good manners, I stayed a wee while. Possibly not the best idea considering Saturday’s itinerary. And who would have thought it’s so difficult to get a pizza delivered post 2am? Still, with a diversion for pick up, I was soon tucking into a delicious garlic bedtime snack.

Saturday dawned bright and early. But not in my house. Well not early enough for my planned Wetherspoons breakfast meet up. Or indeed any breakfast. There was just time for a cold bath immersion and a brush of the teeth if I was going to be outside the doors with the gang at noon. Yes, it was whisky time

Manchester’s first whisky festival was held in the interesting venue of the MOSI’s Air & Space hall. The upstairs gallery gave us a good view of the exhibits and gave rise to the game of guess the plane-Avro Shackleton, in case you were wondering. Oh, and plenty of whisky. In fact, so generous were the measures of our first host-independent Irish distiller Cooley-that Archimedes was actually heard to say “smaller measures, please”. Cue gasps all round, but luckily fears that this was a sign of Judgement Day finally arrived proved false.

A very good time was then had by all and although the early pace of 5 whiskies in 40 minutes proved difficult to sustain, it’s fair to say some serious drinking was done. However, man does not live by whisky alone and so eventually Eddie and I staggered out for some beery refreshment. Of course, Manchester had been home to thousands of rugby fans and two demonstrations, so a lot of places were either still very busy, closed or seriously short of beer.

Still not easily deterred, we slowly made our way up to the Marble via Cask, the Deansgate, Knott, Dukes 92, Barca, the Waterhouse and the Bank. We also had a look in Bar Fringe and had a nosey in the newly reopened Band on the Wall, although the choice of cask-Ruddles meant a quick exit. The Angel was unusually busy, as less surprisingly, was the Marble. The pumps here were looking a bit depleted-no Pint or Manchester left and we just managed to get the last of the JP Best.

Back in Bury, the Manx Minx had a curry waiting for Eddie (now that’s what I call true love), whilst I somehow ended up with Saltaire Hazelnut Coffee Porter in the Robert Peel. And when that transformed into Pinot Grigio, I knew it was time to call it a day and put a lining on my stomach. No delivery problems this time and soon I was tucking into a supersize double garlic/extra parmesan treat. The perfect end to a decent day’s drinking.

*The picture capturing me in action is courtesy of Manchester Confidential.


Brian said...

I went to the whisky festival and I've never seen so many pissed people on the metro on the way home!

Eddie said...

That beige-brown suit was a mistake though!

craig said...

The whisky festival was amazing.As was getting all the way home with my festival glass.

Reanna said...

Sounds like a good day out Pity I can't stand whisky!