Some Good Cheer

Some good news for once on the local pub scene. The Star Inn at Broughton in Salford has been saved by locals who have clubbed together to buy it at auction for £80,000. The Star on Back Hope Street is a lovely little pub in a conservation area that seemed doomed when Robinsons announced their decision to sell it. However, in just a matter of weeks, a consortium was formed and hopefully they have now secured its future. Having enjoyed many a cosy lock-in sat in the vault, I congratulate them and wish them all the best for the future.


Paul Bailey said…
Excellent news! I have many happy memories of nights spent in the Star, Back Hope Street during my time as a student at Salford University. I used the pub regularly between 1974 and 1976. The Star hosted a regular folk evening and used to get packed out. I also had my firsr pint of Old Tom there. Happy Days!
Kim said…
Excellent news
I drank in the Star as a regular from the early 70's and knew the place well - especially the original 'one-armed bandit' Wally. Well done to everyone for saving such a timeless gem.
Tandleman said…
Nice little boozer. I think I've only been once though. You (Tyson) were there I recall.
Paul Bailey said…
I remember Wally. He could still pull a mean pint though! Back then, the Star was one of the few Robinsons pubs to have handpumps; most used electric pumps.
Bailey said…
That's interesting. I wonder why this doesn't happen more often? I'd hate to run a pub by committee myself (control freak....) but I can imagine with the right group of people, the potential for creating the perfect pub is enormous.
Steve & Lynda said…
Lots of up to the minute news on my blog

I've also formed a group on Facebook called 'Friends of the Star Inn' to which you are all invited. Plans,locals and pics of work in progress in the pub are on there. Any offers of help welcome too!

Margaret said…
We are working hard on giving our pub some much-needed TLC and will be open before Christmas. We have a website:

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