George Slays The Dragon

Or nearly, anyway. For it seems that a modern George, in the shape of Cobe Consulting, is set to slay a local dragon. In this case, the Dragon pub on Parr Lane. But local residents are hoping this particular George falls on his sword and forgets about any development plans for the now derelict pub.

The Dragon is/was an ordinary pub. Nothing to mark it out from the crowd: no award winning food, no great selection of ale, no outstanding historical features. But it did minister to local needs and its loss is confirmation of a worrying trend. That, just as the Amazon is facing deforestation, we are facing depublication of densely populated areas-the traditional heartland of the public house.

Cobe’s exciting plans for the Dragon; namely a Co-op with apartments (flats to me and thee) are proving as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. Apart from being daft and unnecessary-there is a row of shops literally next door, the residents objections are based on sound practical issues such as parking. Hopefully, these will win the day and Cobe will retreat with a bloody nose. Although, sadly, I doubt it.

In my view, if Cobe were really interested in providing a “social amenity”, then they would look at something that would benefit the whole community. Something that would really bring everyone together and provide an invaluable service. Now what could that be?...Oh yes, a pub


Captain Jack said…
Are you sure it's closing? Remember it must be shit then otherwise it wouldn't be closing.Well according to Biffo anyway.Have you seen his latest rants over on Tandleman's blog? The wheels have come off his wagon again.

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