A Nut By Any Other Name

Professor David Nutt certainly likes controversy-he’s courted much of it lately and won many admirers. Some however looked beyond the initial rumpus and questioned his underlying motives. Was he an innocent victim of politicking or, as the Pub Curmudgeon would have it: “In the final analysis, Nutt is not a hero of rationality and free speech, he is just, at heart, another Righteous bansturbator”.

Well it appears he has nailed his colours to the mast and he is indeed nuttier than a bowl of Swiss Muesli. In interviews today he reiterates his belief that alcohol should be a controlled substance, saying “This is not a stunt. I mean it. Alcohol will kill your kids not Ecstasy”. Failing that he would like to see the price of alcohol doubled, if not tripled. However, he claims not to be a puritan having enjoyed the odd booze binge and even dabbled with the odd drug or two when he was younger. So that just makes him a hypocrite then.

Prof Nutt should have stuck to his Bunsen burners and kept out of social policy. He’s gone way beyond his remit or, indeed, his expertise. His sacking now seems like a blessing in disguise. It’s hard to believe but sometimes politicians do get it right.


RedNev said…
Ministers only ever accept reports or research (or parts thereof) that validate their own preconceptions; all the rest is ignored. There is also a principle in the public sector that if you rock the boat, you get sacked.

Professor Nutt should have known all this. His apparent shock at his treatment reveals that either he is a naïve innocent, or he has an agenda of his own. As he has said he is setting up his own independent advisory drugs body, it's clear to me which applies.
Tandleman said…
We seem well rid of him, but unlike buses, there will be another along in a minute.
Penny said…
Good point, RedNev. Whatever the rights and wrongs of his sacking, his apparent shock was very odd. He had been working in his position for many years and will have known exactly what was expected of him and what his limits were.
Barry said…
He obviously doesn't know when to shut up.Luckily for us as otherwise we would be stuck with his weird view of the world influencing government policy.

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