Reach For The Sky (But Not The Vodka)

And now for something completely different-a tale of woe taken from my Law and Disorder blog.

A 47 year old mother was arrested and charged with supplying a minor with alcohol after asking her teenage daughter to help her shop for a cocktail party. Petite Sue Savage asked daughter Tara, 15, to reach up and fetch £10 of vodka and mixers down from a high shelf at their local Co-Op. A seemingly reasonable request, as not only could she not reach, she was doubly handicapped by wearing an ankle brace. Whilst Tara on the other hand is an impressive 6ft 3in, so has no such problems.

The trouble began when she tried to pay for the items and a supervisor appeared and warned her that they suspected her of supplying booze to a minor. After tiring of explaining herself and not wishing to make a scene, Sue left without the alcohol. However, she returned later and (rightly I feel) insisted on purchasing the bottles, despite the manager now warning her that she was breaking the law.

Being an innocent in these matters and somewhat worried, she later rang the police to clarify the matter. Imagine her surprise when not only did they appear on her doorstep two hours later, they told her to return the bottles. And to add insult to injury, they arrested her and gave her a fixed £80 penalty.

Sue quite rightly now plans to fight this ridiculous fine in court and said: "It's ridiculous. Does this mean anyone with children cannot go shopping with them and buy alcohol?" Apparently not if the Keystone Cops have anything to do with it. And the overzealous Co-Op need a reality check as well.

You couldn’t make this stuff up...


Curmudgeon said…
These stories of braindead nannying by supermarkets just seem to get worse and worse. And FFS it is not illegal to give alcohol to your own 15-year-old daughter anyway!
Curmudgeon said…
And further to this, it seems that Tara Savage has already been in the news for her extraordinary height.
Penny said…
very silly, indeed. Surely the police should have shown more common sense?
Paul Bailey said…
It's far easier for Plod to prosecute imaginary criminals than to actually try and catch real ones! Trying to criminalise ordinary, decent citizens seems to be the way forward for the numpties in charge of our police forces today.

Curmudgeon is absolutely correct in stating that it is MOT illegal to give alcohol to your own teenagers at home, so where are these idiots coming from?
sweetiepixie said…
I can't believe this! It's Jobsworths gone mad!!!! You'd have thought the police would have too much to do to be bothered with this stupidity. I hope this case gets thrown out of court and this lady's name is cleared.
Barry said…
Unbelievable.Did no one at any stage stop and think for a moment?

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