Send The Buggers Back

Confirmation comes today that Scottish & Newcastle are going to waste time and money and, even worse, piss me off by introducing new glassware emblazed with units of alcohol. And not just a few, but four million of the buggers by 2010. And then they intend to roll out the concept to other brands. Lovely.

Without revisiting the farce surrounding the flawed concept of units, anyone can see this for what is it: a shameless act of appeasement to the anti-alcohol lobby. Unfortunately, no one seems to have told Mark Given, S&N UK brands director, that appeasement seldom works. The enemy merely scents blood. His lame excuse is however worth printing for the comedy factor alone: “Foster’s has long been at the forefront of dispense innovation and we wanted to create a glass to complement the brand’s unrivalled draught credentials.”

Now my advice is to steal or smash these insidious vessels of the devil. Then S&N may get the message. However, those of you wishing to take the Gandhi option may simply prefer to refuse to be served with them. When faced with a round of them, remember the immortal words of Half A Shilling and burst into full song with:

“Send the buggers back, oh send the buggers back,
These aren't the ones I wanted, son, I'm sending them straight back


Jeff Pickthall said…
The unit-count won't be valid if the glasses are used for a different beer (unless it's the same strength). That'll be a nest of worms.
Tandleman said…
That's a fair point. As well as being a daft concept, it will take a seismic shift if we are all to get the beer in the right glass.

Anyway - who in their right mind drinks Heineken (UK) stuff anyway?

I like your anarchist solution. Good to see the fire still burns - no pun intended.
Cooking Lager said…
This is so last week. Many bars have had this for yonks.

But it will involve me having to go into a pub to nick new glasses. Can't be drinking form outdated glassware.
NAM said…
Won't this have the effect of alerting Foster's drinkers that there may well be stronger beers at the same price, get them drunk faster and therefore have absolutely the opposite effect from that intended?
Barry said…
This sounds daft and pointless.Plus all these extra glasses will end up being paid for by us.
Barm said…
I don't see anything wrong per se with telling people how many units they're consuming.

It is however, clearly another idea dreamed up by a marketing wallah who doesn't drink beer, as if they did they would know that the kind of shitty pubs that serve Foster's don't pay attention to serving beer in the correct branded glass. Thus the unit count will be wrong much of the time, as Jeff and others pointed out.
Paul Garrard said…
"all these extra glasses will end up being paid for by us." - but only if you buy S&N brands.
Tyson said…

I'm afraid I do see something wrong with telling people how many units they are consuming. The concept of "units" only has validity in terms of government targets of how many they tell us it is safe to consume. Problem is, these limits, as has been said many times, are without any scientific merit. So the idea of "Oh I've had x units now" is meangingless.
Penny said…
I think the issue is-what is the purpose of these glasses? As Tyson has pointed out, government guidelines as regards units are completely and utterly meaingless.

So the excercise of putting units on glasses is futile and, perhaps, even sinister, as all it does is reinforce a flawed message. I can't see any use for them as, in everyday life, people refer to drinks in terms of glasses of wine, pints of beer and not units.

Finally, Jeff makes a very good point. These are bound to be used for other drinks other than Fosters, so it's all a bit pointless anyway.
Barm said…
The concept of units is completely independent of how many of them the government thinks we should be drinking or not drinking. It's 10ml of alcohol. You can't directly compare a glass of wine to a pint of beer. What is wrong with abstracting actual drinks into comparable units?

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