As I Went Out One Morning

On my way to the WHB’s wild Christmas party-the cold weather producing some of the coldest Darkstar Hophead ever drunk, but boy was it good. My sensibilities were inflamed by a ruddy big poster that was truly disgusting. It was definitely not the sort of thing the genteel classes need to see before a spot of free binge drinking. I was left shocked by its sheer naked effrontery.

And what about the kiddies? Does no one care about them anymore? It was out in the open for any of the little ones to gawp at. I shall now take a moment to gather my senses and try to describe this horror. It was an advert, apparently paid for by the NHS, proclaiming the benefits of minimum pricing. Under the heading of “Small Change Big Difference” it went on to say that “if alcohol had a minimum price of 50p per unit, experts predict that there could be:

3000 Fewer deaths

97,000 Fewer hospital admissions

45,000 Fewer crimes

Nearly 300,000 fewer sick days

An end to world hunger and peace in the Middle East

Ok, I made the last one up, but you get the idea. I suppose “experts predict there could be” sounds better than some "people making a guesstimate", but honestly, what a cheek. Pure propaganda and paid for by the taxpayer. I don’t mind the NHS spending money on health education: eat an apple a day, don’t put your socks in the microwave, that sort of thing. But this has crossed the line into political campaigning.

I haven’t been so upset since they dropped the test card from BBC One.


Woolpack Dave said…
I question how they come up with these figures. In any case, I'm not sure I'm happy with the government introducing minimum pricing on anything. A dangerous game that one.

I agree with your anger, especially over the test card.
Anonymous said…
They appear to forget that all these people living longer are going to need to be looked after in their old age. This of course costs more money. But that's probably a different budget
Trevor said…
I think this is terrible.The money wssted on such a blatantly political campaign could be much better spent.
Reanna said…
I'm surprised they are allowed to get away with non-health promotions. It's not even saying drink less, just urging people to back minimum pricing.
RedNev said…
I don't see why the NHS is wasting scarce resourses publishing propaganda for price rationing.

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