Beer, Gas, Lights

An unusual fate awaits a truckload of illegal lout. Customs have seized 41,472 bottles of lager and plan to convert the bootleg grog into electricity. The 13,686 litres of Becks were seized at Felixstowe for failure to pay excise duty and will be sent to a special plant where they will be broken down into gas to produce electricity. Every beer drinker knows that beer produces gas, but this is probably the first time that this unwanted by-product has been put to such good use.


Curmudgeon said…
Does Becks - as a genuine Reinheitsgebot brew, really qualify as "lout"?

I've drunk it myself when stuck in a "no real ale" situation.
Tyson said…
A little poetic licence, perhaps.
Cooking Lager said…
It is a lout Curmudgy, welcome to the fold.
Anonymous said…
What the F@#= is hat gas?
Anonymous said…
Do you mean hat beer?

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