A Christmas Carol Poser

Bad news on the Christmas drinking front. The local Spoons have announced their Xmas opening hours and therein put somewhat of a spanner in my plans for Christmas Day. Eddie, the eager, legal beagle has put into place detailed military style drinking plans for Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. This just leaves the big day itself.

Now I’m sorted for an early start at the Trackside and later afternoon drinks in the Towler before moving onto the Masons. The lunchtime slot is complicated by the fact that I’m supposed to be entertaining my dear old mother then. My cunning plan was to take her to the posher local Spoons (which she quite likes) thereby killing two birds with one stone-she could have her Christmas lunch and I could keep to my plan of spending all day supporting the British boozer.

Sadly, the posher Spoons isn’t opening on Christmas Day. Only the rougher one is. And, having spent some of last Christmas Day in there, I don’t think I can subject her to that misery. She may be as old as Methuselah, but she’s not gone completely ga-ga yet. So I’m pondering on options. It may come down to getting her leathered on whisky, putting her to bed and popping out for a bit. These old uns like an afternoon kip, don’t they.


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