The Rat Race

Interesting piece in today’s paper about the Rat Race Ale House which opened last Wednesday at Hartlepool Railway Station. Landlord Peter Morgan was made redundant from Newcastle Building Society and promptly set about making a dream become reality by converting a former newsagents into a real ale pub.

The micropub-it’s only 20ft by 14ft- claims to offer four guest ales, books & newspapers to read, full pints, take home ale and civilisation. What it won’t offer is fizzy beer, alcopops, music, big screen TV, antisocial behaviour and, apparently, a bar! Sounds an interesting place to visit-but not when Hartlepool are at home.


NAM said…
You have to wish the Rat Race every success. I have a soft spot for station bars - there used to be a good one just off the concourse at Euston. A civilised way to wait for a train. Then miss it and wait for the next one.
Tandleman said…
Pete's a mate of mine. He seems to be doing well.

My pal Graham helped him with some of the work pre-opening.
BeerReviewsAndy said…
Im going to pop up on the train as its only a few quid from here, so ill let you know what it's like!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a great pub if only you could have smoke in there.

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