Return of the Ploughman's

What I do I see before me at Marks and Spencer? A Christmas Ploughman’s sandwich. Not only does this abomination contain gammon-therefore disqualifying it as a real ploughman’s anyway, but they’ve completely bastardised it. Just so they can give it the daft moniker of “Christmas Ploughman’s”. Pure madness. Some of the proceeds may be going to Shelter, but frankly they should be ashamed of themselves. If they had any integrity, they would refuse the donation on the grounds of good taste.

And while I’m at it, why do all their sandwiches contain large doses of mayo? I want a nice cheese and tomato (or a proper ploughman’s), not something covered in Greek yoghurt etc.

Stuff this-I’m off for a Wetherspoons breakfast.


Curmudgeon said…
Yes, absolutely. The ingredients of a proper Ploughmans:

1. Large chunk of crusty bread
2. Large chunk of proper cheese
3. Butter
4. Pickles

And that's it.
Barry said…
That's ridiculous.Just what the hell is a Christmas Ploughman's anyway?
Cooking Lager said…
You are all wrong. I was talking to an actual Ploughman the other day, someone who does it for a living, and asked him what he likes to have for lunch. He told me he likes mozzarela, sun dried tomatoes and pitted olives on ciabatta bread drizzled with a light olive oil and an accompied with a rocket and spinach salad with red onions.
Paul Garrard said…
A Ploughman is not just for Christmas, but for life!
Penny said…
After seeing your article, I had a look at one of these. A very strange concept that doesn't seem to be selling very well.

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