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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

The Rose & Crown on Manchester Old Road has had more ups and downs over the years than a bride’s nightie. An ex Good Beer Guide pub, it once was part of the Pubmaster Tap & Spile chain and offered an unrivalled selection of real ales, all served in lined glasses.

Since its glory days, it’s had an eclectic mix of licensees-the good, the bad and the indifferent. Hearing it was trying to make something of a comeback, I’ve been keeping an eye on the place. The trouble with it seems to be inconsistency. Although my Adnams was fine on this visit, you can never be sure of how many beers are going to be on or in what condition they will be.

A classic case of quantity over quality, you might think. But there also seems to be two other problems here as well. One is the grave reluctance to accept that there is anything wrong with the beer, however bad it is. And the strange matter of charging 10p for tasters. It’s the first time I’ve come across a charge for them and most people seem frankly outraged by the notion.

So, definitely could do better is the official verdict.


ChrisM said...

Given that a 'taster' is not a legal measurement, are they allowed to charge??

Tyson said...

They are, of course, allowed to charge. But pubs with a selection of beers on are usually keen to try and entice you to buy. Hence "try before you buy". It may only be 10p, but it seems an odd thing to do in a pub that is trying to build up a reputation again.

Curmudgeon said...

I agree with ChrisM, charging for tasters is undoubtedly illegal as it is not an approved measure.

Tyson said...

Ah, I see your point. I have come across other pubs doing so, but I shall make further enquiries.

Tyson said...

Well, a quick call to my old colleagues at Trading Standards reveals that they are uncorncerned by this matter. But I still feel it's bad practice.

Penny said...

I never thought about the possible legalities, but at one time there were several bars and pubs in London charging for a sample. Generally, it tended to be places that had just introduced real ale. Will have to keep a look out to see if any are still doing it.

"Eddie Rowles" said...

This place used to be a favourite of ours many years ago whenever we played Bury, especially when it was the Tap & Spile. I've not been there for a few years now.

I know some of the London Millers (Rotherham fans) went here earlier this season and it opened late for a lunchtime (almost 1pm) but the beer was supposed to be OK.

We're playing there on 9th Jan so I may just go the Trackside instead...

Reanna said...

There is bar in Kensington that charges for samples of foreign beers.