If You Can't Beat Them

Seeing as everyone else has done it and as we usher in a new year, I have decided to unveil my eagerly awaited awards for 2009.

Best Draught Beer: Can’t remember. Probably whatever I was drinking last night.

Best Bottled Beer: Can’t remember. Probably whatever I was drinking last night.

Best Wine: Ditto.

Best Pub/Bar: Wherever I lay my hat.

Best Beer Blog: Who Cares?

But let’s not forget it’s actually the end of the decade (well it’s not really, but let’s not be pedantic), so I think a review of the Noughties is in order.

Tyson's Hugely Anticipated Review of the Noughties   

They were shite.

Happy New Year!


Refreshing! All the best
Curmudgeon said…
They were shite

Nail hit firmly on the head there, I think :P
Eeyore said…
Can't disagree with your pithy summary of the 00s. I've seen various programmes reminding us of all the events and when you see them in perspective, you realise how awful they were.
Barry said…
George Bush,Iraq, Afghanistan and the X Factor. Definitely a decade to forget.

Oh and Happy New Year.
Reanna said…
Well I thought the Noughties were pretty good. Sure the sex at the beginning of the decade was pretty hit and miss, but it certainly improved over time both in terms of quality and quantity.
Curmudgeon said…
Speak for yourself, love :-(
RedNev said…
I've spent good time that I'll never get back listening to reviews of the year on Radio 4. I should have just read your blog instead.

If the 2000s were the noughties, are we now in the teenies?
Tyson said…

Er, must admit I never thought of them in those terms. Semms they were alright for some.


Not sure what we're in now, but surely the teenies don't begin till 2013?

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