A Pete Brown Interlude

More ammunition emerged today to bolster the fight against the neo-prohibitionists. Now, we’re always being told that supermarkets are selling booze to the unwashed masses at ever decreasing prices and that there are far too many drinks promotions. But is this actually true? The answer-inconvenient as it may be to the neopros-is actually no.

According to industry bible, The Grocer, supermarkets are giving less room to alcohol promotions and prices are actually rising. Last January, alcohol promotions accounted for some 26% of all supermarket offers. One year later and this has fallen to 22%. Asda is leading the trend with a dramatic reduction from 27% to 13%. Apparently fresh food is the new Stella, with fruit, vegetables, fresh meat and dairy expanding to fill the space that drink deals used to take up.

And it gets even worse for the miserable gits of the neopro lobby. Research commissioned by the magazine shows that despite heavy seasonal promotions on drinks, the top-selling brands were, on average, 2%-5% more expensive than last year. So, even buying the most heavily promoted booze will still cost you more than ever before.

So can we expect a grovelling apology from the factually challenged anti-drink lobby? I doubt it-they don’t like it up ‘em.


Curmudgeon said…
They never let the facts get in the way of a good argument, do they?
Simon P said…
Correct. These people aren't interested in facts. Otherwise they would do their research before lecturing the rest of us.
Eeyore said…
This is really frustrating as the facts are clear, but no one seems interested in them. All we can do is make sure that the next time the topic comes up. we challenge the assertions of the neopros and their ilk. We mustn't meekly stand by and let them steamroll over us.
Penny said…
This sort of inaccuracy really annoys me. We are constantly being bombarded by supposed facts by those in authority. And yet, if truth be told, they are far from being "facts".

But, as you say, we are unlikely to hear an apology from the zealots of propaganda.
Mathew Pollard said…
The problem is that we are conditioned to accept bold and outright untruths as pure gospel.We too easily often accept something just because it appears in the Sun.I can never decide whether these prophets of doom are genuine in their misguided beliefs or whether they are just plan and simple liars.
Reanna said…
I just ignore these killjoys. I bet their sex lives are as dull as their rhetoric/
Toni said…
Who's Pete Brown?

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