Finger Of Suspicion

A Spar shop in Hemsby, Norfolk has installed a fingerprint scanner on its counter. Customers who can prove they are over 18 will have their prints stored on the device. On future visits they will merely need to press the screen in order to have their identity confirmed and therefore be able to purchase alcohol.

How long can it be before we are required to give a DNA sample in order to be allowed access to God’s greatest bounty?


Brew Wales said…
Don't think there is enough genetic variability in Norfolk to allow for DNA testing to identify individuals.
Paul Garrard said…
If you live in Hemsby you'd need all the alcohol you could get!
Mike said…
I really wish it was easier to get beer in the mail like they do with wine. It seems, at least in the states, that there is not one state that will allow alcohol to be purchased in one and sent to the other. To much fighting over taxes I think.

That is just another example of what you are referring to. More and more regulation. However, have you ever forgotten your ID after you walked into the store to buy booze? This would be nice because it could identify you.

Pretty soon though you'll have to have a chip installed in your finger or something that will not only tell the gov't where you are, but will hold all your bank account info, personal identification, and all that kind of great stuff. People will be getting fingers cut off instead of wallets stolen...

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