Then And Now

Thanks to an eagle eyed reader, I was alerted to this unusual piece of local pub history. The Cross Guns was a street corner Duttons pub that used to trade on what is now Myrtle Street South. Duttons were, of course, a large Blackburn based brewery who Whitbread swallowed up in 1964.

Whilst there is some old brewery insignia still to be found locally, Duttons regalia is rare. And to find something so prominent on a building that hasn’t been a pub for over 40 years is most unusual. Having been a secondhand shop, the building is now divided into flats, but the recent makeover retained the distinctive Duttons blue tile mosaic.


RedNev said…
There is a pub just a couple of miles outside Southport called the Morris Dancers that had the Duttons name on the sign until just a few years ago. I always wondered who Duttons had been.
Richard said…
I work about 10 feet from the former site of Duttons brewery in Blackburn - it was demolished in the 80s and is now a Morrisons. I have a very hazy early memory of walking past it and smelling that fantastic beery smell!
Tandleman said…
Is that Pineapple Pete in that photo?
Tyson said…
Indeed, that is the Pineapple. Earning his reward for spotting the aforementioned sign.
Philip said…
Is that place haunted?

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